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The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be trying times for most small & medium businesses globally. However, even during these unprecedented times, there are opportunities for persistent entrepreneurs to evolve and grow, especially in the last mile logistics space. We recently sat down with our partners Chester, Elaine & Melson from CL18 Logistics to hear about their journey during the Covid-19 pandemic and how using Radian has helped them weather through this phase. Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Tell us about CL18 Logistics?

Hi everyone, we are CL18 Logistics. I’m Elaine and these are my partners Chester & Melson.


What kind of business is CL18 focused on?

We at CL18 Logistics are in the cold-supply delivery business. During the MCO period, we found that many businesses were having a hard time & we realizethat there was an opportunity in this space (frozen food delivery).

Thus we decided to get into the business of delivering frozen food at a relatively low price.


What were the challenges starting up? 

Every industry will encounter multitude of problems when first starting out.


In our case, this was especially true with regards to managing the deliveries of multiple orders for the riders. This is where we discovered the Radian platform which helps us address key problems that we faced.

Particularly for route optimization, whereby using the Radian platform you can enter all the delivery addresses and the system will automatically optimize the route you need to take in order to complete the delivery.

Besides that, the platform also helps inform the customer on the current status of their orders without needing us to call them one at a time individually to update.

Moving forward, what are the future plans of CL18 Logistics?

For us at CL18 Logistics, we plan to expand abroad and target international countries. This is our dream.

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