Perseverance and Hustle, the journey of Triple A Express

In light of Malaysia Day 2021, we caught up with one of our partners, Mr. Bala from Triple A Express Logistics; an upcoming logistics business focusing on deliveries in Johor and Singapore. Their journey as a small entrepreneurial business in Malaysia truly captures the essence of perseverance & the Malaysia Boleh! spirit. Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Tell us about Triple A Express Logistics.

Triple A Express Logistic is a courier service company; whereby our core business is sending goods from Malayia to Singapore.

And right now we have also started within Malaysia (so right now we are delivering goods & parcels in Malaysia & also to Singapore).

When did you guys start and what was the main motivation?

We started last year and one of the motivation was because since we were all staying at home, most of our loved ones were stuck in Singapore. That’s when we actually had to send things to them for personal use but that gave us an idea to start our business.

So that's how we started with our team and as it was easier to do it (ourselves).

What were the challenges starting up?

The challenges were quite a few. First was on transport(fleets) and followed by marketing ways.

One of our biggest challenges was that all the communication with customers was through WhatsApp. When we received parcels from customers, we had to update everywhere (WhatsApp groups). It’s actually quite hard as sometimes the parcels would be delivered during midnight since it is in Singapore & we had to attend calls (enquiries) even during midnight, morning & afternoon. So it’s really hard!

That’s when we were introduced to Radian it was easier to connect with customers because it’s way easier to just send them their tracking numbers. It’s easier for them (customers) to track their orders and to know where their parcels are right now.

What advice would you give to other new small businesses?

First of all, we must help each other; this is very important. When there’s someone starting up a small business, I must say that we have to start from somewhere & do whatever it takes to just start the business, this is important because at this moment, during a pandemic, many have lost their work (jobs). Even for us, fresh-graduates, it is hard to find a job right now even for my friends.

So if anybody decided to start a small business, we shouldn’t judge them(negatively). That is very important. So we should help each other and it will be much easier to get through things.

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